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How to integrate soapUI with jenkins / hudson?

With the included testrunner.bat/.sh script one can run soapUI functional tests from the command-line. One can find the available arguments here.

One can create a batch file like this (my_soapUI.bat) to perform a regression test:

SET currentDir=%~dp0
SET soapUIDir=C:\Program Files\eviware\soapUI-4.5.0\bin
SET soapUIProject=C:\soapUI_workspace\my_soapui-project.xml

cd /d "%soapUIDir%"
cmd.exe /C CALL testrunner.bat "%soapUIProject%" -smy_test_suite -cmy_testcase

This command can also be executed via Jenkins.

2013-08-13 15_43_19-test_ip_banking 2013.3.0 Config [Jenkins]

Difference between refresh and clean in Eclipse

If you modify or add new files outside Eclipse the file system will often be out of synch in Eclipse and new files may not show up in the Eclipse project tree. To synch the Eclipse Project select the project and select File > Refresh (or F5), or right-click on the project and select Refresh from the popup menu. Then do a clean build by selecting Project > Clean, selecting the project, and clicking OK.

  • Refresh rereads the sourcefiles to see if there are changes made outside Eclipse and compiles the files that were changed, not all of them.
  • Clean removes all compiled classes and forces recompilation of the entire project (or workspace depending on what you select to be cleaned).
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