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LibreOffice – Turning off automatic URL and Email recognition

January 20, 2014 1 comment
  1. Choose Tools – AutoCorrect Options.
  2. In the AutoCorrect dialog, select the Options tab.
  3. If you unmark URL Recognition, words will no longer be automatically replaced with hyperlinks.In LibreOffice Writer there are two check boxes in front of URL RecognitionThe box in the first column is for later post-editing and the box in the second column is for AutoCorrect as you type.
  4. Click “OK”.
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LibreOffice Basic escape characters

As Visual Basic doesn’t have an escape sequence LibreOffice Basic doesn’t have one neighter. So find out the Unicode code point for the character and use ChrW to convert it to the character. On Windows you can use charmap.exe to find out the  Unicode code point or have a look here.

For example, for the Copyright sign (U+00A9) you’d write:

Dim Copyright AS String
Copyright = Chr(&H00A9)
Cell.String = "Copyright sign: " & Copyright
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