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Wireframe structure for iPhone iOS 4/5

Here you can find a wireframe structure for the iPhone.

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iPhone & iPad Prototyping

  • Balsamiq lets you create nice iPhone Mockups within a few minutes.
  • With Realizer you can create an interactive prototype of your iPhone or iPad app simply by uploading your sketches or screen mockups.
  • Create mobile web applications and Web sites for iPhone and iPad with MobiOne Studio. You can use this to create a prototype of your app, too.


  • here you can create simple iPhone mockups online and share it by sending the URL
  • with mockingbird you can create mockups online, too
  • with MockApp you can create mockups on your Mac
  • with MobiOne Studio you can create mockups on your Windows PC
  • here you can get a collection of vector iPhone UI elements for Fireworks CS3 and CS4 and here some for Illustrator
  • here, here and here you can find nice iPhone 4 vector illustrations
  • here some stencils for Photoshop (iPhone 4) and here for OmniGraffle


  • here you can get a some stencils for Photoshop and here for OmniGraffle
  • here you can get a collection of vector iPad UI elements for Illustrator
  • you can find more links and stuff here
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