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Xcode cannot run using the selected device. No provisioned iOS device … iPhone 3G

There is no iOS 4.3 update for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G available.  If you have set the Deployment Target to 4.3 in your Xcode project settings you will get an error.

To run the app on your iPhone 3G you have to set the Deployment Target to 4.2.

Delete SQLite Database of iPhone/iPad Simulator App

You can find and delete the sqlite database file of your app here:

/Macintosh HD/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/<Simulator-Version>/Applications/<app-key>/Documents/

Iconless iPhone simulator

Does anyone know how this might occur and how to fix it?

iconless iPhone simulator

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Differentiate between iPhone, iPad and simulator

October 20, 2010 5 comments
// simulator specific code
// iPhone specific code
// iPad specific code
// Unknown target

iPhone Simulator Screenshots

With this tool it’s really easy to take screenshots:

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iPhone Simulator


Drehen des iPhones: cmd + -> bzw. cmd + <-

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