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Display information for a particular user in your domain

To display information for a particular user, use the command like this:

net user /domain <username>
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Managing keys and certificates

There are some good tools for managing keys and certificates out there:

Using IBM Rational Synergy Keywords in esql files

There are two different keyword forms that can be used in an objects source, the %keyword% form and the %keyword:% form. The %keyword% form permanently replaces the keyword with the attribute value when you initially create the object. The %keyword:% form is appended with the attribute value each time you create or check out/in the object. Also the %keyword% form is completely replaced in the object when expanded, but the %keyword:% form in only partially replaced; the keyword itself still remains in the object.

More informations can be found here

To use a Synergy Keyword in an esql file one can use it in a comment. Example:

-- %name: % %version: % %date_created: %