LibreOffice – Turning off automatic URL and Email recognition

January 20, 2014 1 comment
  1. Choose Tools – AutoCorrect Options.
  2. In the AutoCorrect dialog, select the Options tab.
  3. If you unmark URL Recognition, words will no longer be automatically replaced with hyperlinks.In LibreOffice Writer there are two check boxes in front of URL RecognitionThe box in the first column is for later post-editing and the box in the second column is for AutoCorrect as you type.
  4. Click “OK”.
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Message Broker Toolkit and MQ Explorer logs

Message Broker Toolkit


MQ Explorer

C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\IBM\MQ Explorer\.metadata\.log
C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\IBM\MQ Explorer\.metadata\CMPAdminAPITrace.log
C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\IBM\MQ Explorer\.metadata\DefaultConfigurationWizard.log

Display information for a particular user in your domain

To display information for a particular user, use the command like this:

net user /domain <username>
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Managing keys and certificates

There are some good tools for managing keys and certificates out there:

Using IBM Rational Synergy Keywords in esql files

There are two different keyword forms that can be used in an objects source, the %keyword% form and the %keyword:% form. The %keyword% form permanently replaces the keyword with the attribute value when you initially create the object. The %keyword:% form is appended with the attribute value each time you create or check out/in the object. Also the %keyword% form is completely replaced in the object when expanded, but the %keyword:% form in only partially replaced; the keyword itself still remains in the object.

More informations can be found here

To use a Synergy Keyword in an esql file one can use it in a comment. Example:

-- %name: % %version: % %date_created: %

How to schedule jobs in Jenkins / Triggering a Build Job

October 17, 2013 1 comment

In the job configuration one can define various build triggers. With periodically build enabled in the Build Triggers section it is possible to schedule a job.


The cron-syntax for triggering a job in Jenkins looks like this:
minute (0-59), hour (0-23), day (1-31), month (1-12), day of week (0-7)


# start build daily at morning
03 09 * * 1-5

# start build daily at lunchtime
00 12 * * 1-5

# start build daily in the afternoon
00 14 * * 1-5

# start build daily in the late afternoon
00 16 * * 1-5

#start build at midnight
59 23 * * 1-5

For more informations about Jenkins have a look at the book Jenkins: The Definitive Guide of John Ferguson Smart

The Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook of Alan Mark Berg here.

Howto build single module from multimodule maven project

For building a single module one can use the reactor parameter ‘–projects’.


- pom.xml (super POM)
- submodule1
  - src
  - pom.xml (sub POM)
- projects
  - doc
  - submodule2
    - src
    - pom.xml (sub POM)
mvn package --projects submodule1,projects\submodule2

More free space at Windows 8 PC

Run cmd as Admin
Put in, %SystemRoot%\System32\Cmd.exe /c Cleanmgr /sageset:65535 & Cleanmgr /sagerun:65535
Hit Enter
Check ALL boxes in the windows that comes up (checks only need be put in the 1st time running), hit OK.

When you hibernate, there is a huge file created called hiberfil.sys. The next thing you can do is to disable Hibernate:

powercfg /h off

But have a look at this page before you do that.

The next thing you can try is to use CCleaner to clean more temporary files. I use it for the temporary files only. The only time I use the registry cleaner is after I uninstall an app. The registry cleaner can cause major problems. You should always have an Image of your system when doing any of this stuff.

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Jenkins URL Options


available commands:

  • exit shutdown jenkins
  • restart restart jenkins
  • reload to reload the configuration

Jenkins web pages don’t render correctly in Chrome after a time of inactivity

Happens semi-random, but whenever I leave the Jenkins page for an amount of time and then come back and hit refresh or with autorefresh enabled, the CSS seems to break.

Hitting refresh again does not fix it. However, holding shift while refreshing (forced refresh) fixes the issue and the page goes back to looking normal.

I’ve tried it in different browsers and it is happening there too.