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Remove project or folders from subversion in Mac OS X

Start a Terminal, go to the root folder of your project and type:

find ./ -name “.svn” | xargs rm -Rf

After removing all subversion files i got the following error in Xcode.

Go through Organizer -> Repositories and check your entries there.

Compare files on Mac OS X with FileMerge or KDiff3

FileMerge is a little program which is in the “Developer Package” of Apple.

You can download the package including Xcode, the SDK and FileMerge from Apple if you are a member of the Developer Program or buy Xcode from Mac App Store.

After the installation you can find FileMerge here: “HD/Developer/Applications/Utilities/“.

If you don’t have the Developer Package you can also use KDiff3.

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Starting Spotlight

⌘ + spacebar

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Switching windows of a program

⌘ + <

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Mac OS X Zoom with Trackpad

ctrl + 2 finger wish to the top with the trackpad

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Starting Front Row

To start/stop Front Row simply use the shortcut ⌘ + esc.

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Mute Mac OS X startup sound

With the little tool StartupSound.prefPane it’s possible to mute the startup sound on Mac.

After installation you will find a “Startup Sound” pane added to the “System Preferences” where you can set up the startup volume and mute it.

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Lock the Mac OS X screen

Open Keychain Access -> preferences -> tick Show Status in Menu Bar

When you click the icon in your status bar the first entry is Lock Screen. You should be able to bind a hotkey to this in System preferences -> Keyboard shortcuts.

There is also a lite tool RetourAuLogin which suspends the current user and goes back to the login window.

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Mac OS X default keybindings

Command Character
Shift-7 /
Shift-Alt-7 \
Alt-5 [
Alt-6 ]
Alt-7 |
Alt-8 {
Alt-9 }
Alt-n ~
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Mac OS X german keyboard layout keybindings

Here are the keybindings for the german keyboard layout:

Command Character
shift-7 /
shift-alt-7 or alt-ß \
alt-5 or alt-8 [
alt-6 or alt-9 ]
alt-< |
alt-7 {
alt-q }
alt-0 @
alt-+ ~
fn-backspace del command
ctrl-z undo command
ctrl-shift-z redo command
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