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Creating a bar file with mqsicreatebar

To create a bar file one can use the mqsicreatebar command:

C:\Program Files\IBM\WMBT700>mqsicreatebar -data <absolut_path_to_workspace_directory> -b <name_of_bar-file_to_create_or_replace> -p <projects_containing_files_to_include_in_the_bar_file_in_a_new_workspace> -o <workspace_relative_paths_of_the_resource_to_be_added>

If you have made changes to resources in the broker archive by using external tools, add the -cleanBuild parameter to refresh all the workspace projects and invoke a clean build.

If you want better output of the command, try the -debug and -trace switches.


C:\Program Files\IBM\WMBT700>mqsicreatebar -data E:\MessageBrokerToolkitWorkspace -b E:\MessageBrokerToolkitWorkspace\MyProject\MyFlow.bar -p MyProject -o MyProject\MyFlow.msgflow -cleanBuild -trace

WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit v8 introduces the ability to deploy message flows without needing to compile them into *.cmf files and the same feature is used by the mqsipackagebar command.

With the mqsicreatebar command one can compile the resources like .mset to .dictionary and .java to .jar before using the mqsipackagebar command by using the -compileOnly parameter.

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