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BibTeX and bibliography styles

In your LaTeX file, these two commands insert the reference/bibliography section in your publication:


The “xxx” is the name of the bib file (yyy.bib) containing the reference database, e.g. \bibliography{mybiblio} would call on file “mybiblio.bib”.

The “yyy“‘ is a style name. See some of the available styles in section below. You can also use your own style file (.bst) with this command.

You can also use a subfolder for your styles:


Bibliography styles

Here you can find some bibliography styles.

Here you can find some bibliography styles for German texts.

The chicago style is one of my favorite styles.

The PDF file bibstyles.pdf illustrates how these bibliographic styles render citations and reference entries:

1: ieeetr
2: unsrt
4: ama
5: cj
6: nar
7: nature
8: phjcp
9: is-unsrt
10: plain
11: abbrv
12: acm
13: siam
14: jbact
15: amsplain
16: finplain
17: IEEEannot
18: is-abbrv
19: is-plain
20: annotation
21: plainyr
22: decsci
23: jtbnew
24: neuron
25: cell
26: jas99
27: abbrvnat
28: ametsoc
29: apalike
30: jqt1999
31: plainnat
32: jtb
33: humanbio
34: these
35: chicagoa
36: development
37: unsrtnat
38: amsalpha
39: alpha
40: annotate
41: is-alpha
42: wmaainf
43: alphanum
44: apasoft

If you want to edit a .bst file you should have a look at this file and if you want to create a new one you can use makebst (command: latex makebst).

Compiling the document and bibliography

To fully compile and cross-link references you have to repeat some commands. To create a .dvi or .pdf file use the following commands:

to create .dvi file: to create .pdf file: result:
1 latex mydocument pdflatex mydocument creates .aux file which includes keywords of any citations
2 bibtex mydocument bibtex mydocument uses the .aux file to extract cited publications from the database in the .bib file, formats them according to the indicated style, and puts the results into in a .bbl file
3 latex mydocument pdflatex mydocument inserts appropriate reference indicators at each point of citation, according to the indicated bibliography style
4 latex mydocument pdflatex mydocument refines citation references and other cross-references, page formatting and page numbers
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